Lost Tribe presents: A Battle of the Champions!

Do you want to see pro players take the Lost Tribe field for an ultimate prize? We’ve got that in store for you, this weekend. Oh, did we mention that you could win $100, too?

Introducing LTCS

Introducing the Lost Tribe Championship Series (LTCS), a competition between the best teams in the Rocket League circuit for over $500 in prize money. This Sunday at 3 PM ET, 16 teams will be competing in a battle of champions to earn a Lost Tribe crown. The tournament, featuring shoutcasters BassfromthePast and Hyferia, will be streamed on Twitch at Lost_Tribe_Esports. Teams including Kansas City Pioneers, RBG Esports, and our very own Lost Tribe Esports will be competing.

How it works

Sixteen teams will face off in bracket play, where the top three will earn prizes. The bracket will be double elimination, ensuring that each team has two chances to take home an LTCS trophy. All teams start off in the winners’ bracket. When a team loses a series, they are bumped down to the losers’ bracket where they play other teams who have lost as well. If they lose again, they are officially out of the tournament. The team that stays in the winners’ bracket throughout the tournament will have a game advantage for the grand finals.

How can YOU win without even competing?

First, everyone wins when we get to see insane Rocket League play by professional players, shoutcasted by professional casters. Second, every 10 minutes you watch on stream this weekend earns you 10 points that you can exchange for a raffle ticket, to win a $100 gift card! Tune in on Twitch for Music Making with Offy, Friday at 5:30pm ET, Poker Night on Saturday at 9pm ET and earn points, and be sure to be there when LTCS premieres on Sunday at 3 PM ET. We’ll see you then